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In the Development Application process, Capita Projects manages the integration of Town Planning, Design and site engineering to achieve the optimum solution for each development.

During construction, our construction management services include but are not limited to coordination of the builder and utility companies and obtaining statutory approvals for titling and plan sealing.

In the post construction phase, we coordinate closely with the Client to arrange sales and marketing activities for either off plan sales or open house displays. Through our overseas connections, we also have access to overseas investors who are interested in new dwellings as an investment.

Specifically, Capita Projects can offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Site Identification 
    Identify sites suitable for development based on a particular Client’s budget and profile which takes into account locations and development strategy. Suitable sites can be found via industry contacts, open market listings and off-market sites from Buyer’s Agents.
  • Site Analysis
    Analyze prospective sites taking into account current zoning, demolition constraints, Council Town Planning restrictions, site hydraulics including flooding and overland flow, existing and future utilities, sales data in adjacent areas as well as opportunities to maximize site yield.
  • Financial Feasibility
    The financial feasibility of the project which covers all development costs incurred such as site acquisition, Consultancy fees, construction costs, legal fees, sales and marketing commissions plus statutory charges including but not limited to development application fees, infrastructure charges, stamp duty, GST and utility costs
  • Contract Administration
    This includes the management of Consultants and Contractors during the Development Application and Construction phases of the project to ensure that the designs for the development are the most efficient, marketable and maximize the yield on the site. This is essential to ensure that contract costs are managed against design and construction specifications. This also ensures that the Project is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Town Planning
    Evaluation of Town Planning restrictions and opportunities to ensure that   the Development Application process taking into account site type and configuration as well as town planning to ensure thorough compliance with Council and statutory requirements
    • Site Surveying
      Detailed contour and feature survey of each site for the Development Application and design plus final survey for titling and plan sealing.
    • Project Management

The overall project management and liaison with Consultants, Builders and Sub-contractors as necessary to complete the project on time and within budget. Coordination with Councils, Utility Companies and other Statutory Authorities. Manage variations and where necessary obtain Client agreement for any changes to contract scope.
Process progress claims and issue progress certificates as required.

  • Architectural/Building and Engineering Design
    Starting at the initial town planning assessment stage, the Architect or Building Designer would produce concept designs for the Development Application. Input from Hydraulics, Civil and Structural Engineers is typically required and on larger projects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering input is required. Capita Projects would largely be Project Managing design Consultants throughout the DA process.
  • Development Application
    This involves liaison and coordination with Council from pre-lodgment meetings through to DA assessment and response to Council queries throughout the Development Application and approval process. Coordination with all design Consultants required for the DA process including Town Planners, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors etc to provide input to the development application..
  • Construction Phase
    Capita Projects would perform the tender assessment, award for the building contract, Building Approval and Operational Works at the commencement of construction for the development
  • Project Marketing
    In consultation with the Client and depending on the size of the development, Capita Projects would engage specialist Project Marketers as required to advertise and promote the completed dwellings locally, interstate and overseas if required. -Coordinating the advertising and promotional events for the marketing of current and future projects to domestic and international markets.
  • Project Sales
    In association with our network of Agents, Capita projects would liaise with the appointed Agent to coordinate contract preparation and settlement of the new dwellings applicable to all residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.
    This could include access to a combination of both local and international buyers as necessary through our network of industry contacts.